Where do MSPs go to protect their workloads?

The last few years have been ruthless in terms of cybersecurity attacks, in particular ransomware becoming more and more widespread across the board. While any company can be the target of such attacks, MSP are often a prime choice for bad actors. The fact that multiple small and medium sized... [Read More]

FluxCD in Tanzu Community Edition v0.12

With Tanzu Community Edition v0.11, the contributors brought FluxCD in the app manager that comes with TCE (kapp). Mind you it was only the Flux Source controller which is the one that keeps track of the changes made in a Git repository and pulls the resources. Deployed by itself it... [Read More]

BDRSuite v5 review

BDRSuite is a full fledged Backup and disaster recovery solution aimed at protecting workloads across Virtual, Physical, on-premises, Cloud services, and SaaS applications. Following a change to a more rapid product releases cycle, BDRSuite announced the release of BDRSuite v5.1 which we talked about in a previous blog. I... [Read More]

What does Nakivo v10.6 Beta bring to the product

Nakivo has been rolling out releases at an impressive rate with 4 minor versions in 2021. The company starts 2022 with the latest Beta v10.6 that brings several interesting features to stay at the tip of the spear. With great processing power comes great attackability (if that is even a... [Read More]

Getting started with GitOps in ArgoCD

In this article we are going to talk about GitOps and deliver it to my home automation setup using ArgoCD. It doesn’t have a VMware twist to it but it will be useful as a prerequisite for a future article. My blog somehow took a very kubernetes’esque turn over the... [Read More]

Cool looking PowerShell with Oh-My-Posh

I spent a lot less time in PowerCLI these days which means my profile hasn’t changed much and my prompt was still the same as when I customized it several years ago. Because I use Linux in WSL, I have to get up to speed with it and customizing your... [Read More]

On-premise Layer-2 Service type LoadBalancer with Antrea

While kubernetes clusters running with cloud providers benefit from external load balancers which can be easily interacted with through the CPI, on-premise installations don’t get that by default. Sure if you have an external load balancer you can always install the kubernetes operator if there is one but it is... [Read More]

What's new in BDRSuite v5.1

The world of data protection has been in motion for the past several years with the rise of cloud services and SaaS in general. BDRSuite carved a place for the company among the leading backup software vendors for the SMB sector with a robust virtual machine backup and recovery solution.... [Read More]

VMware vCenter Converter is gone, here's an alternative

vCenter Converter has been a trusty sidekick for many IT administrators over the years, helping them achieve the virtualization of tricky physical workloads. While it is always recommended to deploy a new clean virtual machine, it isn’t always possible due to licensing or compatibility constraints with legacy software for instance.... [Read More]

vSphere CSI controller CrashLoopBackoff in CAPV cluster

As a bit of background, I recently wrote about the Cluster API vSphere provider and how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster to a vSphere environment, otherwise this blog won’t make much sense. I also experimented with the use of a clusterResourceSet to automatically install the Calico CNI inside... [Read More]