Release of BDRSuite v5.6

Data protection and recovery remains a critical component of the SDDC in most organizations as losing data due to an outage with no restore capabilities can have catastrophic consequences. Keeping up with current trends is paramount to Backup vendors as ransomware attacks become more and more sophisticated. Modern cloud services... [Read More]

Virtual service shared IP in Cloud Director Kubernetes clusters

In previous blogs, I wrote about running Kubernetes clusters in VMware Cloud Director using the Cluster API provider (CAPVCD) or Cluster API Provider for VMware Cloud Director (quite a mouthful). If you are interested in more background, you can check out these blogs: Cloud Native storage on VCD... [Read More]

What's new in vSphere 8 Update 1

In 2022, VMware rolled out vSphere 8 which brought a number of new features, one of the big ones being vSAN ESA. A few months later, we are already graced with the Update 1 version which we will look at today. Note that this version was only announced and hasn’t... [Read More]

NAKIVO v10.8 Beta improves UX and infrastructure support

The landscape of VM backup solutions vendors has significantly evolved over the last few years with the emergence of cloud computing and modern apps driving innovation. Following its 3 months release cycle, Nakivo recently released the latest Beta v10.8 of NAKIVO Backup & Replication which is available for testing. This... [Read More]

What's new in BDRSuite v5.5

BDRSuite is a complete Backup and disaster recovery solution tailored to protect workloads across Virtual, Physical, on-premises, Cloud services, and SaaS applications. The world of data protection kept gaining traction in the past decade with the rise of cloud services and then the threat of Ransomware. BDRSuite carved a place... [Read More]

Goodbye Tanzu Community Edition :sad:

You may have missed the news as it was somewhat under the radar but it was an expected outcome for those that were involved in the community, Tanzu Community Edition has been murdered retired. I don’t consider myself as such since I don’t do... [Read More]

Runecast - From vSphere KBs to multi-cloud compliance

Back at the beginning of my journey through infrastructure in IT, I came across Runecast I think from Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping’s blog). It must have been around 2015 or 2016 when I was in Scotland and back then the product was somewhat revolutionary within the VMware space as it... [Read More]

VMware Cloud Director 10.3 refresh token and how to use them

In the previous release of VMware Cloud Director with VCD 10.3, a number of new features and improvements were introduced around Kubernetes integration, vAPP mobility, VM placement and a lot more. However, what we are talking about here was release in VMware Cloud Director 10.3.1 and offers authenticated users to... [Read More]