Hyperion + Lightberry + OpenElec + Kodi

I did this project to create a mood lighting behind the TV that “follows” the colors displayed on the screen and enhance the experience of movie watching. It is pretty much an open source version of Philips’ Ambilight except it can work on a wide range of devices and is... [Read More]

Move VLAN to a different vSwitch

Recently after we had a network change aimed to consolidate our uplinks, I had to move a whole bunch of VMs to a port-group in a different vSwitch but in the same VLAN without losing connectivity. It is a very easy process and not a single ping is lost (maybe... [Read More]

Update from vSphere 5.5 to 6.0 Update 2 using the DCUI

After upgrading one of the hosts in my lab with VUM I had to update the second one in order to install the FVP extension from Pernix Data. My VMs (VUM, vCenter, DNS) were then on this host’s local storage and I couldn’t be bothered migrating them to the... [Read More]

Update a Dell host from vSphere 5.5 to 6 update 2 using VUM

One of the most important operations in running a virtual environment is to perform major upgrade of the system. The vSphere Update Manager simplify greatly the process and makes it look transparent when everything goes well. Even if 9 times out of 10 everything will be fine, it is always... [Read More]

Pingou: ping on steroids in powershell

Pingou is a powershell script that allows to test connectivity using ICMP and open TCP ports on a remote host. This command is meant to be easy to use, intuitive and faster than the built-in Test-Connection and Test-NetConnection cmdlets. Link to the script : Pingou ... [Read More]

Enabling datastore alerts on thin provisioning thresholds

Something every sensible VMware administrator is concerned about is the over commitment of the datastores. Since the dawn of times in virtualization it is possible to thin provision the disks of the virtual machines by not allocating the blocks to it, hence over commit the actual physical storage by provisioning... [Read More]

Use vSphere tags to set VM CPU limits


In the majority of VMware environments, the use of limits (especially memory limits) is strongly discouraged as it can lead to several misbehaviours such as CPU ready or memory swapping, which no one wants. But in some cases it can be useful to leverage them, provided it is implemented... [Read More]

iDrac 7 undefined links and blocked IP

Undefined links with 404 error I usually use Chrome or Firefox on my workstations but the other day I had to use IE11 to reach an iDrac 7 from a jump box in the DMZ and I bumped into this odd 404 error: My first thought... [Read More]