Since 2002, Vembu Technologies has been delivering simplified backup solutions through its portfolio of products to SMBs. Their flagship offering - BDRSuite addresses various backup, recovery, replication, and DR needs of your IT environment.

BDRSuite caters to backup & disaster recovery of diverse IT environments such as Virtual, Physical, Cloud workloads & SaaS Applications, and supports advanced use cases, thereby ensuring business continuity at affordable pricing.

Have a glimpse of the BDRSuite of Products categorized based on different IT environments.

For Virtual Environments (VMware & Hyper-V)

Backup & Replication for VMware

Agentless & application-aware backup & replication for VMware VMs with instant recovery at VM, file, and application level.

Backup & Replication for Hyper-V

Ensure complete data protection for Hyper-V VMs running on a standalone host, Hyper-V cluster, SMB & CSV.

Features of VMware and Hyper-V backups

  • Agentless backup & replication of VMware & Hyper-V VMs
  • Incremental backup using Changed Block Tracking(CBT)
  • Application-aware backups with log truncation
  • Parallel VM/Disk processing
  • Optimized backup with where-it-left-off
  • Instant VM recovery to ensure business continuity
  • Live migration of Instantly booted VMs
  • Granular file & application object-level recovery
  • Cross-platform & Cross hypervisor migration
  • Automatic backup verification

For Physical Environments (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Backup for Microsoft Windows

Enhance the data protection of your Windows Servers and Workstations by backing up the entire disk or individual volumes.

Backup for File Servers

Protect your data across file servers & NAS with enterprise-level functionality.

Backup for Applications

Protect your application & application data such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook & MySQL.

Backup for Endpoints

Backup data across Windows & Mac endpoints to ensure the data is protected from an accident delete or system crash.

Features of Windows, Linux, and Mac backups

  • Backup the entire disk or selected volumes of Windows Servers and Workstations
  • Backup files/folders of Windows and Linux Servers
  • Backup endpoints like Windows workstations and Mac
  • Application-level backup for Microsoft applications and MySQL
  • Proprietary CBT driver for faster incremental backups
  • Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR) of entire machine to same or new hardware
  • Flexibility to migrate Windows machines from a physical to a virtual platform
  • Secondary copy of the backup data to an offsite data center or Cloud

For Cloud Workloads (AWS)

Backup for AWS

Simple, secure, and cloud-native backup solution for your AWS EC2 instances. You can recover your backup instance, volume, or even files at any time with near-zero RTO.

Features of AWS backups

  • Agentless & Cloud-Native Backup for EC2 instances
  • Near Continuous Data Protection
  • Automatic backup scheduling
  • Application-aware backup processing
  • Instantly recover the instances by registering a new AMI Image
  • Recover only the required volumes by attaching them to target instances
  • Retain multiple snapshots for every backup job for use during recovery
  • Run custom scripts automatically before and after every backup job

For SaaS Applications (Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace)

Backup for Microsoft 365

Protect emails, contacts, calendars, and drives of Office 365 by directly backing up to your data center.

Backup for Google Workspace

Ensure protection of your emails, contacts, calendar, and google drives by directly backing up to Vembu Cloud.

Features of Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace backups

  • Backup Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams of Microsoft 365
  • Backup Gmail and Google Drive of Google Workspace
  • Backup entire domain or only selected user data as required
  • Retain backup data for a specified number of days
  • Restore data to the same or different user account
  • Restore entire user mailbox or individual mails
  • Granularly restore individual files or the entire folder of the drive
  • Export to multiple formats like .PST, .EML, .VCF, .ICF and much more

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