If you read some of my blogs you probably gathered that I am a PowerCLI geek. I love the fact that I can automate many tasks of my admin life and watch my scripts work for me while I have a nice cup of coffee. The icing on the cake is that writing scripts enables the creative and problem solving parts of my brain, “Here’s what I want to do. How am I going to do it in the cleanest and the most efficient possible manner?”.

The use cases are endless once you go down the rabbit hole and you then have to define if the time saved with a script is worth the time required to research and write it. You typically wouldn’t spend a day writing a script to automate a one hour task that you will only do once.

I had the opportunity over the summer to write an ebook on the subject for Altaro Software. You will find 80 pages of scripting goodness in which I touch on the following topics:

  • Getting started with PowerCLI.
  • Some tips to write clean scripts.
  • Using scheduled tasks and making web reports.
  • A few use cases examples.
  • Using Get-Esxcli.

Download the ebook here.